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James Cuénod I love Jesus, preach his Gospel, disciple his children, study his word and I am, I pray, incurably passionate about the glory of God.

Watch The Rising Day with me

Perhaps you've noticed that I have an interest in quality music that is quality in two ways; musically and lyrically.
Well, I believe that Tim Challies has pointed me to just such an artist in Matthew Smith. These words were modified from a hymn written by William Cowper (a contemporary of John Newton who wrote "Amazing Grace", if you don't know who Cowper is, check out the biographies John Piper has done) but Smith has written new music for it and it sounds great. You can stream his whole album for free (14 tracks) here. By the way, don't only listen to this one - there are a few other really good tracks there; I really appreciated "Goodnight".

Watch The Rising Day
My former hopes are fled
My terror now begins
I feel, alas, that I am dead
In trespasses and sins
Ah, whither shall I fly?
I hear the thunder roar
The Law proclaims Destruction nigh,
And Vengeance at the door
Vengeance at the door, Vengeance at the door
When I review my ways
I dread impending doom
But sure a friendly whisper says
"Flee from the wrath to come."
I see, or think I see, a glimmering from afar
A beam of day that shines for me
To save me from despair
Save me from despair, save me from despair
Forerunner of the sun
It marks the pilgrim's way
I'll gaze upon it while I run
And watch the rising day
Forerunner of the sun
It marks the pilgrim's way
I'll gaze upon it while I run, and watch the rising day
Watch the rising day, watch the rising day

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