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Postmillennialism vs Premillennialism

For college, we had to compare Postmillennialism and Premillennialism in a table or chart.
So, of course, I leveraged all my Inkscape skills to put this beauty together and was told I should share it with the small corner of the world that stumbles upon this website.
Thus, here you are - a fantastic little summative comparison eschatological infographic (how's that for a description). If you're wondering about amillennialism compared with postmillennialism or premillennialism, it may help you to know that amillennialism  is fairly similar to the postmillennial view but does not share the upward curve (where Christian influence brings about good in the world), postmillennialists are sometimes called optimistic amillennialists for this reason.

Right click to download and choose "Save As" - or whatever is equivalent.

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