Pastor Robert Elliott of Reformed Baptist Church Riverside (s. Cali, USA) Sunday School Church History Lessons

Pastor Robert Elliott is described as follows:

"Pastor Elliott was born in Glasgow, Scotland. Though he was raised in a Christian family, it wasn’t until his mid-teens that he embraced the Lord Jesus as His Savior. Upon becoming aware of the call to preach, and being encouraged by his church to do so, Robert attended seminary at the Free Presbyterian Theological Hall in Northern Ireland. He married Janice, whom he had known for many years in the summer of 1985 and since then they have been blessed by God with three daughters.

Robert has taught at Reformed Baptist Church of Riverside, CA since July of 1995. He desires that God would glorify Himself through building a community of believers who honor Him by worshipping in spirit and in truth. Robert believes that the local body should be composed of members who love God, one another and who are committed to passionately maintaining and presenting eternal gospel realities to the world."

- Iron Sharpens Iron

I must confess, having listened to Pastor Elliott's 97 Church History Lessons, that he has done a truly exceptional job. The lessons in mp3 format can be found here.

Wielding a Scottish accent he masterfully covers hundreds of years of Church History.

Having heard some people cover the same subjects I can honestly say that Robert Elliott has a deep commitment to being honest about what happened and why. Robert Elliott being a Pastor communicates a great deal of detail making you feel like you’re sitting in a university lecture. Each lesson is interesting, edifying and often there is much application to be made.

I highly recommend this for every Christian. You’d be surprised at how quickly you could hear over 90 lessons and sad when it’s finished.

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